The Yaba Code

Students, teachers and others who use this site and post their own ideas, comments, pictures and videos are real people who have spent time sharing their ideas and information with other Yaba users so we can all learn new things.

Important things to remember when using Yaba:

  • Treat people online the same way that you like to be treated in real life.
  • Anything you write or post on Yaba is there permanently – you can’t take it back or change it later.
  • Any information about you that you give out will be there for all users of Yaba to see – therefore don’t say anything about yourself that you don’t want others to know about. This includes your full name, where you live and your phone number.
  • You should never give your user details or password for Yaba to anyone else.
  • You should never agree to meet people that you have met online and always tell your parent or carer about anybody you don’t know who asks to meet you.

When you are using Yaba and leaving comments and posting pictures or videos, you must not say or post anything that:

  • is hateful, unkind or insulting to other people,
  • harms another person’s reputation or makes other people think less of them,
  • is unfair or untrue,
  • is against the law,
  • bullies other users,
  • was told to you as a secret,
  • is someone else’s idea you copied from someone else or took from somewhere else.

Please remember that we can refuse to put your comments and materials on the Yaba site or can take it down if we consider it to be inappropriate. We may also stop you from using the Yaba site if you do not use it properly and in accordance with these Rules for Use.

I won’t use Yaba to:

  • be unkind or hateful,
  • hurt another person or make other people think less of them, say something unfair or untrue,
  • bully other people,
  • tell other people’s secrets,
  • use other people’s ideas,
  • copy something created by someone else.

I know that Yaba can:

  • refuse to post any of my comments or materials, take down anything I post,
  • stop me from using Yaba altogether.