There aren’t many 9-year-olds who can say they have saved someone’s life. This sensational kid, Greg has done just that. On Australia Day in 2011 Greg pulled two drowning people from the ocean and safely returned them back to shore. Greg is passionate about raising awareness about surf safety and he now aspires to be a volunteer surf lifesaver. A C&C resource for civic duty including volunteering and playing a role in your own local community

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Yr 7: How values, including freedom, respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and a ‘fair go’, can promote cohesion within Australian society (ACHCK052)

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Sensational Kids Episode 1

Alyssa Azar - mountaineer and fundraiser


Alyssa plans to climb Mount Everest. She’s already achieved some incredible heights. She’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and at only 8 years old, walked the Kokoda trail in PNG. This is a sensational kid who's 100% committed. She also discusses cyber bullying, fitness and nutrition. A great C&C for community fundraising, history including WW II, bullying in schools and the value of a healthy lifestyle for young people.

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Sensational Kids Episode 4

Tyus Arndt - Singer


You may know Tyus as the face of the ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ Qantas advertisement. His sensational voice has seen him skyrocket to stardom and meet some of the world’s most famous celebrities. This sensational indigenous kid has a voice we can all be proud of. A C&C resource for indigenous perspectives.

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Sensational Kids Episode 3

Kristy Pond - Paralympian


Having Cerebral Palsy doesn’t stop Kristy from being sensational. At just 15-years-old she represented Australia as a wheelchair champion at the London 2012 Paralympics. For Kristy it’s not all just about winning. She shows us how she’s turned her disability into an enormous ability.  A great C&C resource for the value of individual perseverance and determination against all odds and what can be achieved in representing Australia on the world stage and national pride.

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Sensational Kids Episode 6

Coen Ashton – Organ Donation Campaigner


Coen jet skied down the Murray River and signed up over a thousand Australians for organ donation and he did it all with only 30 per cent lung capacity. Coen suffers Cystic Fibrosis, which is an autoimmune disease and means he’s on the transplant list for a new set of lungs. For this sensational kid, organ donation awareness is his passion. A C&C resource for legal studies, how legislation for organ transplants affects individual citizens and how communities benefit from legislation.

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Sensational Kids Episode 5

Awer Mabil – Soccer Player


Awer is one Aussie kid who really knows how lucky we are to live in this country. He’s Sudanese and was born in a refugee camp in Kenya after his country was torn apart by civil war. He came to Australia with his family as a refugee. He’s now an Australian citizen and dreams of one day representing the country as a Socceroo. A great C&C resource for becoming an Australian citizen, appreciation of living in Australia and studies of the Australian identity.