What would you do if you were the PM?

If you were trying to get people to vote for you, what policies would you have? What issues would you stand for? What would be the first thing you would do? We are after your creative pitch to be the Prime Minister of Australia. We have loaded some example videos from real politicians and political parties in the channel. Write a speech, media release, news article or simply persuade the audience that you would be the best person to vote for.

Recent videos

Pitch For PM

Labor Party's 2010 Federal Election TV Commercial

The Hon Julia Gillard MP, Prime Minister of Australia, presents a 30 second TV commercial outlining the key policies and priorities in the Australian Labor Party's (ALP's) 2010 Election Camp
Pitch For PM

Greens party announcement for the 2010 Federal Election

Leader of the Australian Greens (2010) Senator Bob Brown outlines the key policies and priorities of their Federal 2010 Election Campaign.
Pitch For PM

Liberal Party's 2010 Federal Election Campaign Video

The Hon Toby Abbott MP, Leader of the Australian Liberal Party (LP) outlines the Opposition's key policies and priorities for the 2010 Federal Election Campaign.
Pitch For PM

Pitch for PM

Why i should be PM of australia


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C & C Curriculum

Pitch for PM videos should explore the Australian political system and the role of the Prime Minister in it. The role of the media, civic identity, leadership in politics, campaigning, the pathway to becoming a Prime Minister, the stories of Australian past Prime Ministers and their role in the societry at the time, the role  of the Opposition leader, the role of the leader of the Greens. the role of Prime Ministers in war time provide great history lessons. There are lots of topic lesson ideas and student videos to be developed for leadership, policy development, personal goal setting, team decision-making under a leader,  school parliaments and other ideas for this channel.