Forms & Printouts

Membership FormDownload a PDF version of the form

Membership Form

Any person wishing to be a member of Yaba and take part in the conversation must complete this form and have it signed by their parent or guardian.

First print out a copy, complete the form, scan it and once you've been invited as a member you can upload the form as you create your account. If you don't have access to a scanner you can hand the completed form to your teacher.



Participant Agreement
(for user/student generated content)Download a PDF version of the form

Participant Agreement (for user/student generated content)

This Agreement is for people who are either appearing in, or contributing to the production of, videos and other content to be placed on this site.

First print out a copy, complete the form, then give the completed form back to the Yaba Member who's film you've taken part in, either as a hard copy or scan it and email it to them. They will then upload it to Yaba with the video or hand it directly to their teacher.