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Australia is a wonderful democratic country where we have the freedom to debate issues important to us. As active citizens we can bring about change by voicing our concerns. You do not have to wait until you are 18 for your vote to count. Get involved and become an informed citizen. The Flip Side explores some current Australian issues. While these issues are often complex, these videos are designed to kick start us into thinking, talking and forming our own opinions. Whatever your view, healthy debate is something we celebrate and encourage in Australia.


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The Flip Side Episode 1

The Flip Side of Fruit and Vegetable Imports


Famer Fred Haskins is passionate about growing Australian fruit and vegetables. He argues that there should be a law that prevents fruit and veggie imports. Fruit and veggie wholesaler Cos Cremona says that Australian consumers want fresh produce all year around. This is the Flip Side of fruit and vegetable imports in Australia. A great C&C resource covering differences between communities and civic life in the country as opposed to the city. Yaba country students can share their insights on the importance of farming with city students.

C & C Curriculum

The Flip Side videos explore the Australian political system, principles and values, Australia’s legal system and legal processes, rights and responsibilities, role of the media, and civic identity.

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