The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce, AD, CVO is the former Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia. She’s the first woman to hold the position. The Governor-General's job is to represent Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia. The Governor-General’s role is both complex and demanding. A C&C resource for studying the Australian Constitution, Federal Government and the role of the Governor-General in it.

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Y 4: The differences between ‘rules’ and ‘laws’ (ACHCK012)

Yr 6: The key institutions of Australia’s democratic system of government based on the Westminster system, including the monarchy, parliaments, and courts (ACHCK035)

Yr 7: The purpose and value of the Australian Constitution (ACHCK047)

The key features of government under the Australian Constitution with a focus on: the separation of powers, the roles of the Houses of Parliament, and the division of powers (ACHCK048)

The process for constitutional change through a referendum (ACHCK049 )

Yr 8: How laws are made in Australia through parliaments (statutory law) and through the courts (common law) (ACHCK063)

Yr 10: The key features and values of Australia’s system of government compared with ONE other system of government in the Asia region (ACHCK090)

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A Day In The Life Episode 1

A Day in the Life of a Mayor – Mayor Michael Regan (Independent)


As the Mayor of Warringah Council on Sydney’s northern beaches, Michael Regan is always busy. One moment he’s listening to local resident’s concerns about poaching on the reef and what the Council’s rangers can do, the next he’s talking to kids about graffiti. A C&C resource for local government and the role of the Mayor in it, local government powers, local government as a protector for local communities, students can have conversation on particular issues local council are facing in their local community.

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A Day In The Life Episode 2

A Day in the Life of a Police Officer – Sergeant Shane McLennan


A day in the life of Sergeant Shane McLennan is never dull. He’s in charge of an entire division at Shepparton Police Station in Victoria. Whether he’s arresting drink drivers, running staff meetings, or overseeing another officer’s brief of evidence, this police Sergeant works very hard to execute the law. A great C&C resource for indigenous perspectives, how the police fit into the State level of government and how the legal system has laws that protect the community through policing on a daily basis.

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A Day In The Life Episode 3

A Day in the Life of a Senator – Senator Christine Milne


Christine Milne is a Senator for Tasmania in Australia’s Federal Parliament and also the leader of the Australian Greens.  The Yaba team joined her during a busy day in Canberra which involved a media ‘door stop,’ a public speech and question time in the Senate. A C&C resource for the role of Senator, learn about the Australian Senate, the role of the leader of a major political party and policies of the Australian Greens.

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A Day In The Life Episode 5

A Day in the Life of a Premier – The Honourable Jay Weatherill MP


Being the Premier of an entire State is a full on job. Jay Weatherill is the former Premier of South Australia. The Yaba team joined him during a busy day in Adelaide while he held this office, which involved Executive Council; an Indigenous awards ceremony, and meeting with members of his Cabinet to discuss policy on the Murray Darling River. A great C&C resource for the role of State governments, the role of a Premier, campaigning elections for members of Parliament and the State levels of Government.