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An innovative Civics & Citizenship Education (CCE) online curriculum tool.

Yaba gives school students access to a safe and secure, video and social media website. It is packed with teaching and learning resources specifically designed to make the site relevant to the civicsSafe & secure video & social media website for schools and citizenship curriculum  taught in Australian schools. Yaba is a fully moderated and regulated practical tool for the classroom which taps into the Digital Education Revolution.

By the time the project fully rolls out Yaba will reach every single Australian school student to get them talking about the values of the Australian way of life, the Australian democracy and the Australian Constitution.

CEFA (Constitution Education Fund Australia) has developed this pioneering website, and Stage One of the project has received funding from the Australian  Government. The Australian Government Minister for Education, the Hon Pater Garrett AM MP, has very much welcomed “the terrific national civics education that the Constitution Education Fund Australia (CEFA) has been providing to young Australians since 1995”. Yaba has the support of all State and Territory Governments. 


The National imperative to educate for democracy.

Yaba was developed by CEFA when it discovered a national crisis in civics and citizenship education in Australia. A four-year research project by the Australian Electoral Commission found that mEngaging students  in the Australian democracyany young Australian’s don’t know, and don’t care that Australia is a democracy. Although Australian students were being taught about the Australian democracy and Australian values, they did not think it was important.  This carries on into their adult life, and the AEC raised the alarm recently when it announced that more than one and a half million Australians have not enrolled to vote. This crisis of understanding the Australian democracy has resulted in the Yaba project which will help develop an informed, active and engaged citizenship willing to vote and have their say.


The power of video & social media in education.

“1 minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words …”CEFA determined that if young people are going to be actively engaged in civics and citizenship learning we need to reach them at their level.
So, CEFA has harnessed the power of the Internet, social media, video and film.

  • The current generation of students have never lived without the Internet – a group who automatically turn to Google, YouTube or Wikipedia instead of the library
  • Facebook is the most used website in Australia, with nearly 70% of the population being registered users
  • Nearly 80% of Australian kids aged 12-14 have their own smart phone with internet access
  • YouTube recently announced it now receives 3 billion views per day. That’s the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video each day
  • Websites with video are viewed 5.5 times longer than text sites
  • 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words in communicating a message


Yaba Highlights

In the current Stage One Yaba has seven video channels. 7 Awesome New Video Channels
Three channels feature professionally produced content and four channels feature ‘user generated’ content created by the students. The Yaba channels actively excite and engage young people and teachers through topical and compelling issues and stories that support the curricula studied at school in a medium they find compelling and relevant.



The video content in CEFA’s professionally produced videos tap into the developing  Australian Curriculum and the State and Territory curriculum for civics and citizenship which will be compulsory by 2014 in all schools. The videos provide thought provoking stimulus for practical classroom application.


 The Flip Side

Fun, debate style video where each side of a topical issue are debated by two people presenting their case.


 Day in the Life

A ‘back stage pass’ to see the daily work done by holders of key Australian political and legal positions essential to our working Constitution.


 Sensational Kids

All around Australia kids are doing incredible things to make our country a better place, we meet some of them.



Students will make their own videos having researched relevant civics and citizenship curriculum related topics, developed scripts, engaged in classroom discussions and completed their own filming and editing.


 Video Blog

Students encouraged to send in video blogs about issues important to them and their communities.


 Pitch for Pm

Whether it’s a campaign ad, a speech or a policy announcement, we want to find out what Aussie kids would do if they were the Prime Minister.


Awesome Aussies

A values based channel encouraging students to make videos telling their own stories of people contributing to civic life.



This channel features videos about anything and everything!


Forums and Conversations

Students have the opportunity to respond and comment on videos in an online forum on Yaba designed to generate interaction and debate in class and between schools. Students all around the country will be talking about democracy.


Giles in Adelaide posts a video blog about how he hates wearing a helmet on his skateboard and thinks the law should change. Sandra in Western Sydney responds by telling him that she knows someone with a brain injury because they didn’t wear a helmet on a bike. Giles responds and they continue their friendly debate in the safety of the fully moderated Yaba environment.



The Yaba Ambassadors will be people such as celebrities and politicians and organisations who will engage with the students on the site.

Ambassadors will participate by viewing and commenting on videos as a way to create excitement in the Yaba community. Ambassadors may also post a video on a Yaba channel.


Thomas Keneally ‘likes’ your video
”Great policy announcement video Sam”  - from The Premier of SA, Jay Weatherill

Teaching Resources by Australian teachers

Yaba also features links, teaching resources and lessons on topics that support the curriculum in civics and citizenship. Examples include the role of Australian diggers on the Kokoda track, the constitutional repercussions of issues such as coal seam gas, civic issues such as cyber bullying or the role social media plays in society today, and content which explains the day to day roles of key leaders in the country.

Yaba features a Teachers Resource Forum which is packed with resources and links developed by CEFA that make Yaba invaluable in a classroom. As teachers develop their own lesson plans the forum will allow them to share these online and use other teachers’ resources as well.


Safety and Security

We think of Yaba as being like a safe, moderated ‘YouTube’ for students with content and learning activities focused on civics and citizenship. There is a rigorous registration process through the school classroom environment so that only students and teachers will be using the site.  Only registered users are able to upload and view content on Yaba. Nothing will go ‘live’ on Yaba unless it has been moderated by either the in-class teacher or by CEFA’s in-house moderator.


Yaba Stages

Stage 1 - 30 pilot schools years 5 to 10 (August 2012)

Stage 2 - 300 schools

Stage 3 - 3000 schools

Stage 4 - All Australian schools



Developed with funding from the Australian Government
CEFA is grateful to the Australian Government for funding Stage One development of Yaba. Yaba Stage One is also supported through the Steering Committee by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority  and (in an advisory capacity) Education Services Australia. 

All States and Territories education departments are represented on the Steering Committee, which also includes representatives of the Independent Schools Council of Australia and the National Catholic Education Commission.



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Yaba is conceived & managed by the Constitution Education Fund Australia national office.

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